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We offer tailor-made, quality-focused consultancy services across 3 lines of business:


We assist the C-suite of companies on their growth strategies, horizontally and vertically. We help senior management in optimising their capital allocation, and assist in devising strategic plans for their companies:

> Evaluation of merger & acquisition targets

> Financial due diligence

> Formulation, communication & execution of strategic plans

> Feasibility studies

> Production of Information Memorandum and investment documentation

> Post-investment services: directorship, observer seat, post-investment monitoring etc...


We provide a hand-holding service to companies in their capital raising exercises and cross-border M&A transactions, from the start of the process till successful closure:

> Assisting companies in their capital raising exercises until successful closing

> Expertise in various instruments: equity, debt, hybrid, convertible, mezzanine

> Capabilities on all on all stages of growth: early stage, late stage, mature stage

> Debt: Project finance, Going concern, Distressed

> Equity: Series A, B, C, D, pre-IPO, listed companies

> Mergers, Acquisitions, Corporate Divestitures


Portfolio Holdings




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Revolutionising cell encapsulation

Decentralised data management system


Alternative foods

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Plant-based eggs


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EWA and SME financing



Cloud governance solutions

Under our Investments activity, we offer wealth management and investment management solutions to accredited investors and institutions by acting as Investors/General Partners (GP) in bespoke structures tailor-made to suit our clients' objectives.

Some of the Investments solutions we offer:

> Principal investments: investing from our own balance sheet and syndicating investments with clients/partners

> External wealth management: assisting accreditors investors and institutions in managing their portfolio of assets spread across various channels

> GP: General Partners of bespoke Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV's) created for specific transactions

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